Every Episode of Mighty Aphrodite!

Mighty Aphrodite! The Web Series happened because of a successful Kickstarter, and was fully funded within 24 hours. Each episode took about three weeks to produce, and required no more budget than about $400 per episode, including actually paying all the voice actors, something many ultra-low budget productions never do.

The Episodes

Here are all the episodes we produced for the mini-series, in chronological order. Some are, admittedly, better than others.

The Kickstarter Pitch that Started Us On Our Way

Here it is – every successful Kickstarter has a good pitch video, and here is the one we had:

And here is the trailer we released when we succeeded!

And even a blooper shot. This outtake was from when we were recording for the episode Twilight, where Ben and Aphrodite have taken a small detour to visit the tomb of Kokeht..

We’d love to do more of these, but our technology would need a serious upgrade to get there. It’s not completely off the table. It could stil lhappen.


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